Thursday, 23 December 2010

Reflecting on 2010

What a year 2010 has been; full of ups and downs, triumphs and tears. We will be closed over the Christmas period from 24th December 2010 till Monday January 10th 2011. Before we go, we look back and reflect at some of the key moments over the last 12 months.

We started the year with a bit of a rollercoaster, where hearts were uplifted when our gorgeous Jess got her call for Transplant just after Christmas. Sadly, 4 and a half years of waiting meant Jess' body was just not strong enough, and our inspirational girl passed away on 12th January 2010. At this time of year, our thoughts are with the donor family who tried to save her life, and with her family, who will be feeling her absence very much this Christmas.

There are so many awareness-raising opportunities we could talk about, including dozens of talks, stands and presentations. 2010 saw more fantastic work from our advocates and our Ambassadors Rachy and Tor , as well as Trustees attending events such as the BTS congress, British Transplant Games and the ETCO conference to name a few. Our media campaigns have continued to expose millions more people to the subject of organ donation, and we're hugely grateful to all those who helped by sharing their life stories with us this year.

Our fabulous fundraisers were also on top form in 2010! From organising cake bakes to running marathons, from a charity single to an entire music festival - thousands of you across the UK did your bit to help us continue raising awareness and saving lives.

Thanks to organ donors like George and their families, hundreds of people like Rich are getting ready to celebrate their first Christmas with a new lease of life and hope for the future. However due to the shortage of donors in the UK, there are around 1000 families like the Barr family who are now preparing for their first Christmas with someone missing; someone whose life could have been saved by a transplant, but who ran out of time.

We are looking forward to 2011 as it brings with it new opportunities to booster organ donation awareness and raise the profile of transplantation and its ability to transform lives. With your support and hard work from all of us, we can get even more people signed up to the organ donor register, increase the number of transplants that take place, and save even more lives.

Wishing all our supporters a wonderful Christmas, and a happy and healthy 2011.

Love from us all,

The LLTGL Team



Robert Maxwell said...

You've raised lots of awareness which is good, but where is all the money my family raised for you going? What do you spend it on?

Merry Christmas.


LLTGL said...

Hi Rob

Thank you for your post. We will be blogging soon as to where our money goes, however in the meantime, please do take a look at the Charity commmission website, where you can see a breakdown of our finances for 2009 here:


The LLTGL Team