Monday, 10 January 2011

Christmas Media Campaign 2010

Happy New Year LLTGLers - hopefully you've all had a wonderful festive period and are geared up and ready for 2011!

We finished off the year with our Christmas Media campaign which was, as usual, a huge success. Thanks to dozens of people touched by organ donation sharing their stories with us, we were able to get the message out to millions of people across the UK about how organ donation transforms lives.

14-year-old Aaron and his mum Cat (pictured above) made the front page of the Peebles Times with their story about Aaron's liver and small bowel transplant.

Double lung recipient Clair Hemmington was featured in her local paper along with her beautiful 7-year-old daughter Lucy.

Rich Burbedge spent last Christmas in hospital, fighting for every breath, but this year was able to spread the word about his new lease of life, thanks to his double lung transplant. Siobhan Morris from London also celebrated a Christmas she never thought she'd see, and made the front page of her local paper.

The Romford Recorder featured LLTGL Ambassador Victoria Tremlett and her campaign Tor's Christmas Wish. Fellow Ambassador Rachy was featured on BBC Manchester radio and BBC Northwest, as well as in the Manchester Evening News - hugely inspirational as Rachy has suffered many complications since her transplant and yet remains so grateful, reminding people that without the transplant, she would not even be here.

Angharad Van Der Walt from Pontypridd in Wales was featured in her local paper talking about her wait for new lungs. We were delighted to hear that Angharad was called for transplant in the New Year and is currently recovering in Harefield hospital. It's early days but so far she is doing well. We're all thinking of you Angharad, and of course of the family who said yes and who have given you the gift of life.

According to calculations so far, our Christmas media campaign reached over 2.9 million people this year. Huge thanks to all the fantastic volunteers, just some of whom are detailed above, who shared their stories with us, and with the general public. Raising awareness really does save lives.

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