Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Fundraiser of the Month - Toughest Foot Race on Earth!

For most people, the idea of running a Marathon is terrifying enough, however 29-year-old Alexa Torlo from Moseley, Birmingham has decided to take on the incredible challenge of running the Marathon Des Sables; an endurance race equivalent to 5 and half marathons over 6 days in the blistering heat of the Moroccan Sahara Desert.

Motivated by the needless death of a close friend and colleague, who could have been saved by the availability of a heart, Alexa is determined to raise awareness and funds for us here at Live Life Then Give Life and our good friends at the Donor Family Network.

When asked why she wants to undertake such a momentous physical challenge, Alexa, says “I’m running this extreme race to raise a considerable amount of money for a charity that sits close to my heart. I feel so fortunate to be healthy and able bodied and the suffering I’ll endure is incomparable to the real pain and uncertainty that people who are in need of new organs have to experience.“

Alexa was inspired to raise awareness following the death of her friend Dan, who was in desperate need of a transplant due to heart failure. She says “At the tender age of 25, Dan lost his life. If a heart could’ve been found for him he may well still be alive today.”

“All other problems fade into insignificance when your life is at risk. For these reasons I must do this marathon. Not only in memory of my dear friend and colleague Dan, but for all those who are hoping to live a full and healthy life right now, but who are waiting for new organs to make that a possibility.”

Alexa feels strongly that she is lucky to be a fit and healthy young woman, and wants to use this to help others less fortunate. She is determined to make a difference but needs your help and is urging people to donate to her cause, please visit

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