Sunday, 1 August 2010

Marvellous Matt

There has been a huge break in me updating you all about the tremendous trustees so my sincere apologies but we had lots to shout about in the mean time such as, the new t-shirt designs (coming soon, just waiting for stock!) important business on our stance as presumed consent and our inspirational life stories during National Transplant Week. I just want to take this opportunity to thank our supporters, without whom we wouldn’t be able to continue the work that we do.

So up next is the marvellous Matt Coyne, he has the fortune or misfortune (whichever way you look at it) to be the only chap working alongside us ladies! Born across the pond in 1981, Matt moved to England in the summer of 1994. Always filled with a passion for water sports and other such activities, Matt thinks nothing of throwing himself off heading out in 30knots of wind kitesurfing or travelling the globe for a bit of surfing (just don’t get him to do any sort of bungee jump / skydive!) and is always up for a new challenge!

He moved to Brighton 8 years ago, where he met his now-wife, Rebecca and her best friend Robyn Tainty. This is where Matt first learned of Cystic Fibrosis, what it really means for people who have to deal a chronic condition, and the severe lack of awareness regarding organ donation.

Robyn worked hard in her education, picking up a CF Academic Achievers award at the 2006 Breathing Life Awards. In July 2007, she was the face of National Transplant Week, and was featured in the Sun for LLTGL, helping raise awareness of the plight of those waiting for a transplant. Robyn passed away in September 2007 after two years of waiting for a double lung transplant at just 23 years old. She was awarded a posthumous Masters degree from the University of Sussex in January 2008, having worked hard towards it until the day she died.

When you’re confronted by something affecting someone you care about, it causes you to think of what you can do to help make a difference. This is where Matt first established contact with the LLTGL team, supporting us at events he’s organised, through other various forms of promotion and by helping out at the Laughter for Life gig a few years ago.

Matt’s always had a penchant for pushing himself and sinking his teeth into any project he embarks on. Setting up his own marketing, sponsorship and sales company in 2005, he’s organised various events (including RobFest 2008/09/10 in memory of Robyn), launched magazines and worked on marketing campaigns for international exhibition organisers as well as being a coach at the Horsham Junior Baseball Club.
More recently he played a huge part in the success of the Save Jess campaign and the Save-Jesstival concert, getting to meet Natalie Imbruglia & organising everything from raffle prizes, to the venue to the printing of the tickets – even if he was suffering from tonsillitis at the time!

Matt is always on the lookout for fundraising ideas, and his latest must be one of his craziest ones to date. Along with his lovely wife and two of their friends, Matt will be undertaking the Lyke Wake Walk. They are doing it for one of our Ambassadors Victoria Tremlett and have named it Trekking for Tor! A walk you may say... however this is not a normal walk; it is anything but! The Lyke Wake Walk is 40miles long and they must complete it in less than 24 hours! All the money raised will go to us – Live Life Then Give Life! Please dig deep and show your support to Matt, the team and Tor.

If you have an idea for a fundraising opportunity, Matt is the person to speak to, just email fundraising [at]

I am so pleased to work alongside Matt as a trustee and I look forward to being part of some of his mad fundraising ideas in the future. You rock Mr!
Love, Hol