Tuesday, 23 March 2010

BUPA Manchester 10km Run - spaces available

Who wants to join Britains "Premier 10km running event"?

Live Life Then Give Life have been lucky enough to secure some places for runners this year and well, it's now over to you to get running!!

The event takes place on Sunday the 16th of May and as usual, it's only 10km long and involves pounding the streets of Manchester! For more details about the run, have a look at the BUPA site

The fantastic "Team Ethan" are running again this year, in memory of Mr Brave, Ethan Collins. There's about 9 of them, so if you're on your own and want a running partner...why not join up with them? Have a look at their Just Giving page if you want to see what they're up to, or, if you want to make a donation through them.

We currently have about 5 places left and they're available on a first come first served basis. If you want to know more or want to register for a place, please email fundraising@lltgl.org.uk as soon as possible!

We hope to see you out there pounding the streets soon!

All the best

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Update on Rachael

Rachy is making good progress and the Doctors are pleased with her. She still has quite a way to go, but so far, so good. Her blog is being updated with the latest news and developments, so to follow her progress please visit http://lungs-for-life.blogspot.com/


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The greatest gift of all.

Today, desperately ill Rachael Wakefield got her call for new lungs.

We won't know anything more till tomorrow and the first few days are critical; please keep her in your thoughts.

Of course most importantly, please think about the wonderful family who said yes, and their loved one who signed the Organ Donor Register.


A farewell

Jen here, writing a very emotional blog. I have, with regret, decided to step down as trustee from the board of Live Life then Give Life to focus on work and family commitments. I'm absolutely gutted to go as LLTGL has been such a hugely enjoyable, challenging and rewarding part of my life for the last 3 years.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been part of such an amazing team of people. I was invited by Emily and Emma back in 2007 to join their wonderful campaign, having admired their dedication to the cause of organ donation from afar. From our early days trying to work our way through the maze of documentation to set up LLTGL as an official charity, to the July 2007 Love Heart challenge in Birmingham and all the way through to winning Best New Charity at the Charity Times Awards last year, it has been an unforgettable experience.

Along the way, I am honoured to have made the acquaintance of so many inspiring people. The enthusiasm and dedication of all of the trustees who have made LLTGL what it is infectious. The work of all of our advocates and volunteers committed to the cause of organ donation is humbling. I have felt joy and sadness at hearing the stories and experiences of everyone who has shared their transplant stories with us.

Over the past few years since LLTGL started out, I have seen a sea-change in attitudes to organ donation in the UK and I think each and every person involved with LLTGL has played a part in that. It is for that reason that I am sorry to be leaving at what I believe that it is such an important and exciting time for the charity and for organ donation more generally.

With lots of love and hugs always,
Jen xx

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Our utterly amazing Advocates: 5

So onto Advocate number five and a quick scoot across the country to the East...to meet Audrey Eade.

Audrey has Cystic Fibrosis, but is part of the transplant community for a different reason. In 2002, Audrey was diagnosed with Liver Cancer, at the same time as she discovered she was pregnant.

Things were very uncertain for the family but thanks to pioneering surgery, a course of chemotherapy and the wonderful generosity of an organ donor, Audrey and her gorgeous little boy are both here, eight years on.

Audrey is always keen to get involved and to support other members of the transplant community. From giving talks in front of spellbound audiences at events, taking part in fundraising events, manning stalls and talking to the public, and appearing in her local newspaper raising awareness, Audrey does everything with a smile. She also works closely with the transplant team at Addenbrookes, helping them with publicity and press-related requests.

Recently Audrey braved the biting wind to take part in the Cambridge plinth project, which you can read more about here.

It's never too much trouble for Audrey to come along to a LLTGL event and sometimes she brings her gorgeous little boy, who wouldn't have a mummy if it wasn't for Organ Donation. Thank you Audrey, for your energy and your enthusiasm. You can read more about Audrey on her biography page, which can be found here.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Please....Live Life Then Give Life.

Do you have three minutes to spare? Listen to Rachael's story to hear just why Organ Donation is so important.

Rachael Wakefield on BBC North West Tonight from Live Life Then Give Life on Vimeo.

Despite being desperately ill and struggling for each breath, Rachael managed to record this piece for her local BBC News.

Please pass this link on, and if you've been inspired by Rachael's determination to keep fighting, click here to sign the Organ Donor Register.

Thank you.

Our thanks to BBC Northwest for allowing us to use this clip.

Robyn's Rainbows

Tor with her Robyn's Rainbow, in September 2007.

"Thank you so so much for the lovely surprise... it really did make my day and put a smile on my face and tears to my eyes."

"She was really thankful for her balloons. She said it helped lift her when she most needed it."

“You should have seen their faces when the balloons popped up. Believe it or not we still have the balloons, they are still playing with them although they are trailing the floor now!”

These are just some of the reasons the Robyn's Rainbows Initiative exists. The project aims to support members of the transplant community who are struggling more than usual, by sending a balloon in a box. The balloon is a little beacon of hope, signifying that something better may be around the corner...and hopefully, brings a smile to the recipient's face.

You can find out more about the project and how to nominate someone by clicking here. To donate towards the project, visit www.justgiving.com/robynsrainbows.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Welcome to our newest Trustee: Holly!

We have our first new Trustee and are thrilled to welcome Holly Shaw to the board!

Holly has been an advocate for LLTGL for several years and so is well aware of the Charity's aims and work. We are delighted that she chose to apply to become a Trustee and know that her determination and hard working character will be a huge asset.

We are still looking for another new Trustee so if you are interested and have not yet done so, please email info [at] lltgl.org.uk to find out more.


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Rachy's time is running out.

One of our beautiful patient ambassadors, Rachy, attended transplant clinic yesterday. She was told words that no 22 year old should ever have to hear; that without a transplant very soon, she will die.

Please pop over here to read her account of it to leave her a message of support.

And here's our plea to all you fab supporters;

Sadly it's not just Rach who today will be sitting at home going over those words in her head. There are over 8000 people on the waiting list right now, and by speaking out, by telling a friend, by emailing round the link to Rachy's post or to the LLTGL website, we can make a difference. Organ Donation is the greatest gift of all, but it relies on us as a society to spread the word about why it's so so important.

Please take time today to think about it, talk about it, and do something about it.

Thank you x