Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Rachy's time is running out.

One of our beautiful patient ambassadors, Rachy, attended transplant clinic yesterday. She was told words that no 22 year old should ever have to hear; that without a transplant very soon, she will die.

Please pop over here to read her account of it to leave her a message of support.

And here's our plea to all you fab supporters;

Sadly it's not just Rach who today will be sitting at home going over those words in her head. There are over 8000 people on the waiting list right now, and by speaking out, by telling a friend, by emailing round the link to Rachy's post or to the LLTGL website, we can make a difference. Organ Donation is the greatest gift of all, but it relies on us as a society to spread the word about why it's so so important.

Please take time today to think about it, talk about it, and do something about it.

Thank you x

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