Monday, 8 March 2010

Please....Live Life Then Give Life.

Do you have three minutes to spare? Listen to Rachael's story to hear just why Organ Donation is so important.

Rachael Wakefield on BBC North West Tonight from Live Life Then Give Life on Vimeo.

Despite being desperately ill and struggling for each breath, Rachael managed to record this piece for her local BBC News.

Please pass this link on, and if you've been inspired by Rachael's determination to keep fighting, click here to sign the Organ Donor Register.

Thank you.

Our thanks to BBC Northwest for allowing us to use this clip.


loulou said...

wow! I tried to watch this online last week and was gutted that I couldn't. It made me remember just how strong and driven you must be when you're so weak to do something like this. Rachel, you are such a star and you will keep shining babe, just you see. Keep up the fight, we're all here to back you sweetie!! xxxx well done!! :-)

Killahkitten said...

Rachel, keep going honey. keep fighting, because the call will come, you just haveto be strong for its arrivsl.
Well done for raising much needed awareness xx

Karen said...

hopefully u get that call rachel . all the best

Karen said...

keep going rachel , hopefully u get that call soon

Anonymous said...

Very hard seeing Racheal so poorly but hope it has the desired effect and that her call comes soon.

Audrey xx