Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Our utterly amazing Advocates: 5

So onto Advocate number five and a quick scoot across the country to the East...to meet Audrey Eade.

Audrey has Cystic Fibrosis, but is part of the transplant community for a different reason. In 2002, Audrey was diagnosed with Liver Cancer, at the same time as she discovered she was pregnant.

Things were very uncertain for the family but thanks to pioneering surgery, a course of chemotherapy and the wonderful generosity of an organ donor, Audrey and her gorgeous little boy are both here, eight years on.

Audrey is always keen to get involved and to support other members of the transplant community. From giving talks in front of spellbound audiences at events, taking part in fundraising events, manning stalls and talking to the public, and appearing in her local newspaper raising awareness, Audrey does everything with a smile. She also works closely with the transplant team at Addenbrookes, helping them with publicity and press-related requests.

Recently Audrey braved the biting wind to take part in the Cambridge plinth project, which you can read more about here.

It's never too much trouble for Audrey to come along to a LLTGL event and sometimes she brings her gorgeous little boy, who wouldn't have a mummy if it wasn't for Organ Donation. Thank you Audrey, for your energy and your enthusiasm. You can read more about Audrey on her biography page, which can be found here.

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loulou said...

Yay we love Audrey xxxx