Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Fifth Plinth Project.... in Cambridge!

Despite missing out on a chance to shout about organ donation from the top of the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square over the summer (though Clare, Andy and Tim did just that!) we were happy instead about bagging our place on Cambridge's very own Fifth Plinth!

As part of Cambridge's Mill Road winter festivities, our advocate for the Eastern Region, Audrey Eade, was given a spot to do what ever she liked, Antony Gormley styleee! Using the moment to her advantage, Audrey braved the cold and wind to spread the message about organ donation
Audrey had a helping hand from her beautiful son who was born when Audrey was in the late stages of liver cancer. Following his birth, Audrey was lucky enough to receive a donor liver. Knowing that his mum's life was saved by a generous donor, he distributed donor cards and information leaflets, telling anyone who would listen that transplants save lives.

Even simple gestures such as these can make a huge difference in getting people to think and talk about organ donation. There are a million ways to spread the message: Let us know what you've been up to!!

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