Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas tears and dreams

Firstly we hope that all our LLTGL supporters have a wonderful, happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

Secondly, we would like to extend a huge thanks for everyone who has raised money for us, shared their stories and done sterling work in raising awareness of organ donation this year, however small.

Christmas and New Year are always bittersweet for us at LLTGL as it is a time we reflect on the feelings of joy and sadness we have experienced this year.

There are so many celebrations to be had, for Bethany, Gabrysia and Nelly will be spending the Christmas they thought they'd never see with their families.

This year will sadly be the first Christmas without many of the people who had fought hard to raise awareness or organ donation whilst they waited and hoped. We are thinking of the family of Ollie Faulkner, the gorgeous little boy whose kidney never came in time for him. This is the first Christmas that the family of Helen Miller will be spending without her. Baby Ethan's family will also be spending their first Christmas without him. Although he received his liver this year, it came too late and his poorly body couldn't cope.

Then there are those still waiting: Jess, Rachy, Paul and Tor who are potentially facing their last Christmas. This is Jess's fourth Christmas waiting and dreaming that the next year will be the year she is given her chance at life.

Please don't let it be their last, or the last for the other 8000 people waiting for a transplant this Christmas.

Please sign the organ donor register
Please tell all your friends and family
Please spread the word

Together we can use 2010 to fight for more transplants and more organ donors to prevent the needless deaths of people like Mary Hand, Robyn Tainty, Ubaid Ali, Richard Grannell and all of the other friends we have loved and lost.

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loulou said...

This time of year brings it all home eh? What a year it has been for raising the profile of organ donation and transplantation. May seem biased but this is largely down to the work of LLTGL who actively batter down doors and walls. We making something that matters to us matter to others too and it seems to be working. Well done to the team and all our supporters. Yes lets hope so so much that some of our friends get an extra special gift this year. There will be many families that I will be thinking of this Xmas, spurring me on to work even harder in 2010 to get more names on the ODR!! Much love to everyone xxx