Thursday, 3 December 2009

Please vote for Emily, our 3 Minute Wonder!

Tissues at the ready....

Award winning creative film-maker Rob Hindle contacted our chair Emily a few months ago about making a documentary for Channel 4's 3 Minute Wonders, an entry for a competition called "It's good to know..."

The film, "I'd Give You One" is now up on 4docs website. Be warned, it is extremely hard-hitting. Rob has put together a film that takes us through the emotions that Emily, chair and co-founder of Live Life then Give Life, faced as she waited for her transplant and subsequent recovery.

It opens with the terrible choice that awaited Emily as she lay dying: Either we weld your lungs to your chest cavity so that you can breathe, but that will be permanent and you will die within a year; or you can wait to have both your lungs transplanted, which may never happen and if it does, you are likely to die before you ever get it...

If you can, please can you register so that you can "love" it (by clicking the tab with the heart next to the screen) - the more love it gets, the higher up the list it goes. The winning documentary will be shown on Channel 4.

With love and tears,

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