Friday, 18 December 2009

A Christmas Fundraiser

Last week, the lovely Charlie Coe raised more than £700 and got people signed up to the organ donor register to celebrate the 6 month annversary of her double-lung transplant!

Charlie, 23, has Cystic Fibrosis and was placed on the waiting list 6 months ago after her health declined rapidly in November 2008 and she needed oxygen 24 hours a day. Waking up in the morning was a struggle and just doing the housework was such a great effort.

After an incredible 2 days after being placed on the transplant waiting list Charlie got her call. She says "I can not describe how good it felt to wake up and breathe how other people breathe...I have been making up on lost time going out with my friends, my husband and taking my dog on long walks. I have a whole new life!"

To celebrate 6 months of her new life, Charlie threw a huge party and used the opportunity to raise awareness of the organ donor register. It was a great success!

If you've been out and about raising money for us, or simply doing small gestures to help raise awareness of organ donation and transplantation, please get in touch with Jen !

Love as always,


Victoria said...

I'm very proud of my beautiful little sister. She's done amazingly well. The transplant Charlie was so fortunate to receive has had an overwhelming effect on not only her life, but everyone that cares for her too. The party was a great success and should be an annual event!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Charlie. And Happy Christmas!

Audrey xx