Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A Gift of a Lifetime

We received this lovely poem from May Thomson, who's been following our Christmas campaign for Victoria Tremlett on Twitter. You too can follow Tor at @tor87 or the campaign #torsxmaswish

A Gift Of A Lifetime

We all have hopes and fears,
Many of them can reduce us to tears,
All reading this once dead are spares,
Our ups and downs of daily life
Imagine needing an Organ to stay alive,

Most of us do not want to consider,
What happens once we are dead?
Think Donate our Organs,
Then others may lead a life,
That’s is full instead of life in bed,

A Heart to Beat, Lungs to Breathe, and Eyes to see,
All can be used after thee,
So carry a card register on the internet,
Then the recipients can get set,

Improved lives free to live,
So please once you are dead,
Your Organs please please give,
Through time of great sadness,
Bring joy to others instead,

In Twitterland @Tor87 has inspired me,
To ask you all your Organs to Donate,
So others live a life active and free,
Please please fulfil her plea,

The soul moves on the body dead,
By Donating parts live on instead,
So bring joy back to these people lives,
Next time might be one of your own,
That needs that vital Organ to survive.

© May Thomson

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written, Brought tears to my eyes xx