Thursday, 2 December 2010

Justgiving Awards 2011

Last year, Emily and Matt were lucky enough to attend the first ever Justgiving awards which were held at the RIBA building in London. They had a wonderful time and met and heard about many inspiring individuals who achieve so much through hard work and determination.

Nominations for the 2011 Awards are now open, and you can take a look here! Justgiving say "They're our way of recognising the outstanding individuals, teams and charities who together have helped to raise over £175m for worthy causes this year."

Do you feel we're doing a good job? Maybe you want to nominate LLTGL for one of the categories! And there aren't just awards to recognise the work of charities, individuals who have made outstanding contributions will be featured too.

There are a variety of categories such as youngest fundraiser and the lifetime achievement award that you could nominate someone you know who you think deserves recognition. Why not take a look at all the categories here:

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