Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Charlene's Project


Charlene was born with the genetic condition Cystic Fibrosis and spent lots of time in and out of hospital during her life for treatment such as intravenous antibiotics. During the last 12 months of her life her health deteriorated and she spent more time in hospital than out with recurrent chest infections.

As hospital stays increased Charlene was unable to attend school, she achieved her AS’s but was too ill to complete her A Levels. Charlene was placed on the transplant list for a lung transplant in October 2009 and instead of sitting back and wallowing, whilst on the waiting list Charlene worked hard to raise the necessary money to build a school in Uganda naming it “Charlenes Project” She visited Uganda in March 2008 and hoped to go back this year but was unable to due to her health.


Talking of her project before her death she said “I loved Uganda and saw how little the children had there. I want to make it possible for some children there to get an education. That way my WAITING will have made their life better.”

Sadly Charlene passed away on 30th October 2010 after a 18months on the transplant waiting list - her time ran out. Speaking of his daughter Charlene’s father Dickie says "She was totally inspirational."

"I'm proud to have known her. In her short life, she accomplished so much more than I or anyone ever will. She never once complained about having Cystic Fibrosis or what she was going through."

More than 10,000 people in the UK need a transplant to save or transform their lives 3 people die every single day waiting for a transplant.

Charlene's father Dickie is now keen to raise awareness of Organ Donation by telling his daughters amazing story and encouraging more people to sign the Organ Donor Register so other families do not have to suffer such a loss like that of his daugher Charlene.

Check out this incredibly moving video of Charlenes Journey.

We are sure you will agree that it is a truly inspirational story about a brave young woman. To read more about the continuing work and the legacy Charlene leaves please visit the Charlene's Project website: http://www.charlenesproject.org/

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