Monday, 28 June 2010

Some very positive news!

Rich taking his first stroll outside with his new lungs!

You may remember this blog, which was about Rich's lovely email he sent us after receiving a Robyn's Rainbow. Rich was waiting for a double lung transplant (needed due to Cystic Fibrosis) and had been struggling a great deal. He had been in hospital for two months, able to do very little at all, and reliant on a non-invasive ventilator to keep his exhausted lungs going.

You can imagine how delighted we were when we were told that Rich had been called for transplant. That was almost two weeks ago and we are very pleased to report that Rich is progressing incredibly well! He is now out of ICU and settled on the Transplant ward, and on Saturday, took his first walk outside the hospital to breathe in the fresh air with his new lungs!
We're incredibly pleased for Rich and very much hope that his recovery continues in a smooth and positive manner.

50% of people waiting for lungs like Rich die before suitable organs come through, so for every wonderful story like this, there is one with a much sadder ending. This is why we need to keep pushing, keep raising awareness, and keep encouraging people to think about it, talk about it, and do something about it.

Want to help us help more people like Rich? Why not email this blog link to a friend/colleague/family member? If you've been inspired to help save lives after you're gone, click here to sign the Organ Donor Register.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news :)

Good luck with the new lungs!

Audrey xx

loulou said...

I am very pleased to hear that Rich can continue living life thanks to his donor xx