Saturday, 29 May 2010

LLTGL gets Ploinked...

Ploink! is a great new website that offeres you the chance to donate small amounts of change to the favourite charities of your choice.

It means you don't have to climb a mountain or run 1000 miles to be able to contribute to your favourite charity (ahem, LLTGL) but you can add as much or as little as you like! It's just like having a collection tin outside a's as simple as that!

Register (it's really easy) at their site, and search for Live Life Then Give Life under the charities page and then just start collecting!

Money raised from ploink! will go towards our Robyns Rainbows initiative, which aims to bring a little rainbow, a beacon of hope, (in the form of a balloon) to people in the transplant community. It also reminds recipients that they are being thought of, and that they are not alone. Just read how greatful Richard was when he received his recently here.

If you know someone that you'd like to nominate for a Robyn's Rainbow, or to find out more about the project, please visit


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