Monday, 17 May 2010

*New T-Shirts*

OK all you fab LLTGL supporters, we need your help!

When LLTGL was first launched back in 2006, it was essentially a T-shirt campaign. That was four years ago and the time has come to redesign our T-shirts!

We are down to two designs and this is where you come in; we need you to vote for your’e favourite one and give us any comments and feedback you can think of. Our supporters are always asking what they can do to help and so this is the perfect opportunity to make a difference and get involved.

Here are the 2 designs, leave comments on the blog to say if you prefer design one or design two or head over to our Facebook page and "like" your favourite design there.

This also means that the stock we have left of our current T-shirts is now effectively limited edition, so if you want to buy one, email before it's too late!

We look forward to hearing your feedback and, as always, are extremely grateful for your ongoing support.

The LLTGL Team x


Kate said...

I really like design 1!

Kate said...

I really like design 1 but both are awesome, can't wait to buy a new one!

MRadclyffe said...

Design 1, definitely.

Cat said...

Both designs are great!..looking forward to renewing my well worn "I'd give you one" T-shirt..have to say it's worn well and is STILL white! :o)

Anonymous said...

2 :)