Saturday, 15 May 2010

"With a happy balloon bobbling up and down at the end of my bed you can't help but smile and keep fighting"

We're pretty sure you know about our Robyn's Rainbows scheme, but just in case you don't, here's a reminder of what it is and why we do it. This is written by Rich, who is waiting for a double lung transplant and currently having a very rough time in hospital. We sent him his RR last week and received this lovely email in response.

"I woke from my early afternoon nap to find that a rather large parcel had been left a the end of my hospital bed. After realising that for once it wasn't a box of medication from Pharmacy I got rather excited. With the help of a passing physio we carefully untied the shiney yellow ribbon that surrounded the box and then peeled off the lid. I was slightly confused by the size/weight ratio of the parcel at his point as although big enough to conseal a large Christmas cake, it weighed no more than a bag of prawn crackers from a Chinese takeaway..

Finally we got the lid off, and like a jack in the box, a huge yellow smile bobbled into the room on a balloon. A smile that quickly spread to my face as I realised what had happened and who was responsible.

I was already very much aware of he work that LLTGL do for the transplant community and had read stories of others, like myself that had received a Robyn's Rainbow in the past... and can confirm that the reaction that I felt was exactly what they try to achieve with such a gesture.

The wait for Transplant isn't easy, but to know that people are thinking of you and cheering you all the way means so much. And with a happy balloon bobbling up and down at the end of my bed you can't help but smile and keep fighting.

Thank you and awooga!!"

It's thanks to your ongoing support and fundraising efforts that we are able to keep people smiling and help them keep fighting.

We're keeping our fingers tightly crossed that Rich gets his much-needed call as soon as possible. Do you know someone pre or post transplant that is having a difficult time and could do with a smile? Email info [at] to nominate them for a Robyn's Rainbow! To find out more about the scheme and the story behind it, click here.


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