Saturday, 9 May 2009

A tribute to Ethan Collins and family

We were totally devasted to hear that in the last few days little Ethan Collins, who many of you will be aware of through Facebook and our blog, passed away on the evening on Friday evening after suffering major post-transplant complications.

Ethan Collins, from Bury, Greater Manchester, was born a month premature with a condition where most of his intestine lay outside his body. During surgery, doctors were only able to save a portion of his bowel and with liver disease on top meant he was listed for a new liver and intestine.

Ethan's family have been incredible throughout the whole process, reached out to thousands through their appeal on Facebook in an attempt to find potential donors, doing everything they could to raise awareness about organ donation.

We were all really overjoyed when a donor was eventually found on 1st April 2009, and Ethan had his transplant operation. Sadly, Ethan remained quite poorly in the intensive care unit, and died only a month later.

In a moving tribute to their son, his parents write:

Our son fought since day 1 of his transplant right till the very end.
Ethan fell asleep with no wires attached, no machines beeping and no more pain.
Ethan was the bravest, strongest and most amazing child anyone could ever meet.
It has been an honour to be able to call Ethan our Son.

His family have been wonderful suppporters of ours over the last few months. We feel extremely priviledged that this incredible family have let us into their lives.

Rest in peace dear Ethan, and our fondest love and wishes to all of your family, from all of us here at Live Life then Give Life



Molly said...

Rest in peace Ethan.

Moll x x

A Jay said...

Sweet dreams baby.

Anonymous said...

you were such a fighter till the very end, you will always be in our hearts, Sleep tight, all our love,
Uncle Jordan, Auntie Liz, Spencer & Taylor