Friday, 29 May 2009

An incredible day filming in Leeds.

On Thursday 28th May, Oli and Emily travelled up to Leeds and Dewsbury to visit some rather fab transplant families.

First stop was 6 year old Bethany and her just-as-gorgeous little sister Eloise. Bethany had a blood test that morning and thanks to the lovely folk at her hospital, we were allowed to follow the family to clinic and film her. Bethany was an absolute star and extremely brave, and afterwards we had a chat with Eloise who is just 4 years old and explained how Bethany had had a "poorly liver" and needed a new one. We had a lovely morning with the whole family.

After a quick lunch, the filming duo dashed off to their next stop; 14 month old Gabrysia's house. Gabrysia is on the urgent list for a heart transplant and her family endured a nerve-shattering false alarm earlier in the week. Despite the fragility of their family life at the moment, Oli and Emily were inspired by how positive they were. Both Angela, Gabrysia's mum, and her two siblings Thomas and Ania spoke beautifully about how precious every single second is with Gabrysia.

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All of us at LLTGL are hugely grateful to both families for allowing us to capture on film what life on the transplant road is like, and we are desperately hoping to wake up one morning very very soon to be greeted with the news that Gabrysia has received her life-saving heart transplant.

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Anonymous said...

I love that photo of the girls with Emily and Oli because three of them are looking so well; a real contrast to life before transplant.