Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Holly's on telly Thursday May 14!

AHHHHHH! We can't wait for Thursday, for that is when the documentary on Holly's battlefront campaign will be shown on the telly. We love this lady so much for all she does for raising the profile of organ donation, so you must see it!

We are incredibly over-excited that Holly is mentioned in the listings for the Radio Times!

Thursday 14 May
11:30am -
Channel 4

If u can't watch, SkyPlus it, VideoPlus it, catch it on YouTube, 4OD, whatever!

We can't thank Holly enough for being such an inspiration to us all at LLTGL as well as giving hope to the thousands of people still waiting for their gift of life.


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Emmie said...

YAY for Holly! Can't wait to watch the programme...off to set the DVD player for it now. And how cool to be in the Radio Times too?! x