Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Team Ethan's big day

On Sunday 17th May, Ethan's family and friends gathered together in Manchester to raise lots of money for LLTGL in memory of a very special little boy.

Ethan Collins spent his whole life in hospital whilst awaiting a liver and small bowel transplant, but sadly passed away following post transplant complications on 1st May 2009, aged 16 months.

Despite this being a very sad time for the Collins family, they were determined that their fundraisers would go ahead in dedication to their little boy's determination. We were hugely humbled by their courage and Emily, Oli, Volunteer Lizzie Hutchinson and North West Advocate Holly Shaw represented LLTGL by attending the day.

Ethan's dad Stu and 6 others took part in the Bupa Great Run, with family and friends cheering them on. Despite the rain kicking in, all team members completed the race and have so far raised an impressive £2,656 in sponsorship.

That evening, hundreds of people gathered at Hardy Hall in Bolton for an evening of fundraising which included a raffle, an auction, and betting on virtual horse races. The spirit in the room was just incredible; it was one of warmth and support and positivity; everyone was just determined to raise lots of money and to support the family.

Early on in the evening, balloons were released with messages written to Ethan, and everyone assembled outside to let them go and watch them disappear up into the sky.

Team Ethan and their activities have so far raised almost £6,000. An incredible achievement at the best of times, but considering what a terribly sad time they have had recently, we are beyond humbled at their efforts.

All of us at LLTGL feel priviledged to be associated with little Ethan and his wonderful family. We were never lucky enough to meet Ethan, but having met so many of his loved ones this weekend, it is quite clear where his fighting spirit, happiness and sheer strength came from. An incredible weekend, and a huge inspiration.

There's still time to show your support: www.justgiving.com/ethancollins.


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