Saturday, 2 May 2009

The 'Gifts of Life' photography project

We've written before about the wonderful Sarah Milne, photographer and Mum of William who received a life saving small bowel transplant last year and is now enjoying his gift to the full. In a new project designed to capture what receiving the "Gift of Life" means, Sarah will be photographing and exhibiting people either waiting for transplant or have received their life-changing gift.

Sarah is teaming up with the equally wonderful Holly Cocker, another photographer who
recieved her gift of a kidney from best friend Oli. Holly was diagnosed with ESRF (end stage renal failure) in 2003, and waited five long years on the transplant list for a new kidney before Oli came forward and in a pure act of selflessness donated his kidney to her in October 2008. In recognition of the way in which Oli's gift has changed her life Holly will also be doing a series of portraits of live donors and their recepients to capture the extraordinary relationship and strong bond that exists between them.

We are extremely proud to be a part of this exhibition, which will be used to raise awareness of organ donation. Both Holly and Sarah's photos will be exhibited at the Menier Chocolate Factory Gallery from the 14th - 19th December, with exciting plans for more exhibitions across the country.

Both Holly and Sarah
would love to hear from anyone who can help them with this project, especially
  • Volunteers who have had a transplant, or anyone who is waiting for a transplant, and are willing to be photographed
  • Suggestions and help in promoting the project far and wide
  • Volunteers to organize an exhibition in their area or can help out with the project in other ways (for example, help with printing, framing, PR)
  • Help with fundraising and sponsorship to cover costs
  • Any other suggestions you might have, for example venues that might be suitable to exhibit the photos.
Pop on over to the project website now for further information, galleries, the stories behind the photos or to get in touch with Sarah and Holly, and over to the blog for the latest as the project unfolds

We can't wait to see the results!

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