Friday, 21 November 2008

Opt out, working hard, and great news.

Apologies for the delay in updating - this week has been frantic for all team members but we are working very hard honest!

Firstly backtracking to Monday's news. Our official reaction to the ODTF's conclusion on an Opt-Out System can be read here on our website. There was some fantastic Media coverage throughout the day including Emily and Nyila on This Morning, Sarah Milne on ITV and Channel 4, and various others on their local news. Thank you to everyone who gave an opinion and helped keep the focus on Organ Donation and what a fantastic gift it is.

Very exciting news yesterday when Sarah texted to say William had just gone into Theatre for his small bowel transplant! It's very early days yet but so far he is in ICU and doing well. Please keep him and the family in your thoughts. Perhaps if you want to do something, you could talk to someone about his story and remind them that small bowel is not listed as an organ on the organ donor register, so in order to help someone like William you would have to tick "any tissues and organs".

The LLTGL Team had a very lengthy meeting on Saturday to touch base and ensure that all aspects of the Charity are being covered to move us forwards. These are very exciting times for us at LLTGL and we cannot thank everyone enough for their ongoing support as we grow as an Independent Charity.
Holly's Battlefront campaign continues to do really well; Emily is still helping her out and a further two people are coming on board as Holly's keep checking back on her campaign page to see how she's doing and what she's up to and don't forget to leave her a message to spur her on!


Emmie said...

Loving the picture of Jen surfing the internet ;o) xxx

Cat said...

Thanks for mentioning the need for small bowels hun (((hugs)) when it's mentioned SO many admit they never knew it could be transplanted
They are often left when they could save lives,some are discarded when a pancreas is retrieved.
Fab news Wills got his "new tummy" I know of 2 other children desperate for their's right now I hope their "call" comes soon too.
Thanks again for the wonderful work you do...
Cat x