Wednesday, 26 November 2008

It's not just about saving lives...

Meet Sophie. Isn't she beautiful? She is (indirectly) only here thanks to the Gift of Life.

Peter Williams was a young healthy dad when he was struck down by a sudden virus which attacked his heart. Suddenly he went from being an active father and husband, to a dependant housebound and very sick man, who was in urgent need of a Transplant. Peter had a machine called an LVAD implanted, which essentially took over the work of his damaged heart and kept him alive whilst the family waited and hoped.

Two and a half years later, with Peter severely weak and now starting to suffer strokes, that call finally came. You can read more about the family's journey on his wife Sarah's blog.

Thanks to a complete stranger Peter is an active daddy once more. His children will grow up knowing their dad as a lively part of their family, not as a distant memory of an ill man that waited for a transplant that never came.

We always think about the patient - the person who is saved directly by the transplant - but it isn't just them it affects. Peter's whole family has been tranformed by this kind act. And a few weeks ago, the newest addition to this happy family, gorgeous little Sophie, was welcomed into the world.

Who knows how many lives you will transform by signing the Organ Donor Register; it's not a one off life-saver, the ripple effects are unlimited.

Find this entry motivational? Here's how you can help. Email the link to as many friends and colleagues as you can and ask them to consider taking 2 minutes to read it and then maybe to click here to sign the organ donor register.

Think about it. Talk about it. Do something about it.

Thank you x


Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I put across at my talk yesterday. My son still has his mum and my husband isn't a single father thanks to my donor and her family.

I'll e-mail you more later!


Sarah Milne said...

My daughters will get their brother and their Mummy back when we get home after William's transplant. We are all so looking forward to being a family again.

Cat said...

aaaw Sophie is from the "gift of life" so precious.
Aaron want's to be a Daddy someday(not too soon I keep telling him)I so hope that's possible,I'd love to be a granny.