Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A dance extravaganza!

A few weeks ago LLTGL were privileged to be invited to speak at the Kalaalayyam festival of dance held at Watford colosseum on November 1st. Kalaalayyam is a dance school that promotes Bharatanatyam, a classic dance form from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Raising awareness of the need for more organ donors from the South Asian communities in the UK is really important, so it was a perfect chance for Emily to use her magical powers to speak of the desperate need for more transplants to the 1700-strong audience drawn from Brent, Harrow, Watford, Lewisham and Coventry boroughs.
Em spoke for about 15 minutes and showed a video featuring Nehal Shah (one of our lovely advocates who is currently waiting for a kidney) and Nyila and Zulf Parveen who sadly lost their young son in the face of the severe shortage of organs. The video had an intense affect on the audience and you could hear the sadness of the viewers as Zulf broke down in tears on camera, talking about the son he'll never see again. We'd really like to thank Nyila and Zulf for sharing their story and allowing us to tell it, for we watched hundreds of audience members leave clutching organ donor register leaflets and cards.

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