Friday, 7 November 2008

For the first time since our inception in March this year, Live Life Then Give Life is taking part in a mass-sponsorship charity event. Over a dozen runners from across the country will be dressing up as miniature, slimmer versions of Santa Claus to run the annual 5km run around Greenwich Park on Sunday 7th December 2008. The team will include LLTGL Trustee and two of our advocates (Nelly and Audrey) as well as others touched in some way by transplant.

The sponsorship page for the run has just gone live courtesy of our friends at Justgiving. You can sponsor the team or any individual at Be sure to make a note of who you're sponsoring in the comment section, be it an individual, a group of individuals or the team as a whole so that we can all keep track of who has supported us and we'll know who to thank! And anyone living in or around London, you must come on down to Greenwich park and give us a shout as we all try our best to get round without going the colourof our suits...;)

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