Friday, 10 October 2008

A very important meeting

The weekend just gone was a really important one for LLTGL as we finally got to meet some of our very fabulous Regional Advocates!

For those of you that don't know, we at LLTGL have a network of voluntary "ambassadors". These are ordinary people who have a personal link to our main cause of promoting organ donation and transplantation that we at LLTGL constantly campaign for, and who are happy to speak to the media, appear at talks/events and generally raise awareness about transplants. Our advocates are all affected by transplants in different ways, but what they all have in common is their boundless enthusiasm for organ donation and unwavering support of our charity.

We were therefore pleased as punch this weekend when we got to meet four of these amazing people at a photoshoot held in Oxford, kindly organized for us for free by the very talented and super-awesome photographer Megan Laurie from ML Photography. Megan immediately made all of the advocates feel at ease and managed to get some really great shots of everyone larking about having fun and modelling our LLTGL T-shirts.

The shots will be featuring on the main site at some point soon, but to satisfy your curiosity in the meantime, check out the video of the shoot put together by Oli, featuring advocates Lisa Muscutt, Nelly Shah, Olwen Sawney and Audrey Eade.:

We were really sad that all of our regional advocates couldn't be there on the day, but hopefully we can grab them all for a piccie at some point -- we will be profiling each and every one, along with what they've been up to, so watch this space for the gossip!

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