Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The lovely Justgiving

Speaking about transplants is a key concern of ours as we think it is the personal stories from the heart that really motivates people to think about signing the organ donation regsiter and tell their family and friends about it. Whilst in theory most people see organ donation as almost a moral duty to society, it remains quite an abstract concept until you read or hear about a real life person and how the gift of organ donation can really change a person and their family and friend's lives forever.

It was a real treat this week therefore, when we got to talk to JustGiving about who we are and why we fundraise. Emily, true to form, was on hand to mobilize her amazing superpowers of non-stop-talking and came up trumps with an inspirational speech (which you can read about here on their blog)

We currently have two ways of raising funds for LLTGL via Justgiving. The first is our general page from which you can either donate money straight to us or you can set up an online fundraising page, email all your mates and raise money for us by doing something mad and crazy like running.

We also have a fundraising page that we set up to collect money specifically for our Robyn's Rainbows fund. This is an initiative set up by LLTGL after the death of our special friend Robyn, who lost her battle for life whilst waiting for a double lung transplant in September 2007, aged just 24. The Robyn's Rainbows fund is to give support and hope to people who are very sick or struggling in the form of a balloon to remind them that they are not alone and that sunshine might be just about to break through.
We are currently redesigning our website so that there'll eventually be a form so you nominate someone you know to receive a Robyn's Rainbow from us. In the meantime, if you know anyone who is struggling with any aspect of organ donation or transplantation and could do with a beacon of hope, please email Emily (via her blog).
lots of love,


Emmie said...

Caption for the top photo...

"Emily we asked you here to talk to us, not to watch you play Scramble on Facebook..."

;o) xxxxx

Tinypoppet said...


Actually if anything, I'm watching this:

Discovered it in 2005 with a fellow inmate in hospital, still makes me laugh every time ;)


Holly said...

Are you playing that pingu throwing game again! haha!

MIA said...

well done girl! amazing what you are doing. i know a little Robstar that would be so happy with this!
a million thank you's!!!!!