Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Talking, talking and more talking.

At LLTGL, we talk a lot. In fact we're pretty good at talking. And we really do believe that talking is key in getting people to understand more about organ donation and transplantation. Recently we have been utilising this skill (yes talking is a skill honest) to spread the word, and some of you have been helping us do so.

As Jen detailed here, Emily went to Justgiving to give them an idea of what LLTGL do and about her story, then Emma went up to Liverpool and attended a study day for Medical professionals about organ donation, the logistics, and the importance of it, giving a fantastic presentation about LLTGL - who we are, what we do, and how we can help.

A week or two later, Emily disappeared off to Manchester to give a talk at a similar study day which was equally well received. Some feedback from these talks included:
  • "Emotive. Will stick in my mind. Very motivational for me to take action."
  • "Excellent presentations, very thought provoking, we must do more. Thank you."
  • "Organ recipients were extremely inspiring. As an ICU nurse I only see one side of organ donation which can be quite depressing and emotionally exhausting. To hear and see the other side of it makes such a difference and sheds a positive light on this topic and my experiences"
  • "Excellent seminar. We hear so much about the demand for donors and their organs. To physically see and share in these stories put this debate into context"

We give talks to anyone and everyone, and can tailor them appropriately. Do you have a workplace or group we could speak to? If so, just drop us a line and someone will get back to you asap to discuss things further.

On Saturday, Emily is heading to the Watford Colosseum to speak at a rather large gathering about the lack of people from an Ethnic Minority background on the organ donor register. Nehal spoke beautifully about her situation waiting and yesterday Oli and Emily went to Coventry (literally, not metaphorically) and had the most emotional but inspiring day...

More on that when the pictures are in. But for now - keep talking! Remember...

Think About it. Talk about it. Do Something About it.


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