Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Cosmo Awards 2008

We at LLTGL were so proud to hear that our gorgeous founders, Emily and Emma, recently reached the shortlist of the Cosmopolitan "Women of the Year" Awards for their firm friendship that kicked off our amazing journey as a charity.

Two years on from Emma and Emily's decision to campaign for more organ donors, it is hard to believe just how important their friendship is to the direction we've gone. After losing many friends due to the devastating shortage of organ donors and Emily's subsequent listing for a double-lung transplant, they teamed up to try and change the desperate sitution. Their determination to stay focussed on working together towards their shared goal, despite Emily's transplant and complex recovery, continues to be an inspiration for the three of us that joined LLTGL last year.

Despite not winning the award in the end, we were so happy that they reached the final stages of judging as Emily and Emma managed to get the attention of Jamelia, Fearne Britton and Sarah Brown (Gordon Brown's wife)! We'll be sending them some T-shirts and trying to recruit them for our future events ;)


Emmie said...

Thanks Jen :o) Must remind Emily to put some clothes on for the next photo we have taken together... x

Tinypoppet said...

I was just about to say....I look Naked in that photo and I swear I wasn't (proof being that Emma isn't screaming and running away in horror ;))

J said...

Why did we not hear more about this? Well done girlies, you are definitely my choice for Women of the Year! x