Friday, 24 July 2009

Three cheers for Dylan!

Remember little Ethan and his awe-inspiring family?

Well they still haven't stopped! Dylan Walker, Ethan's cousin, who is in year 6 has done some fantastic fundraising recently.

Every year at his school, Mytham Primary School in Bolton, there is a year 6 performance, which this year was Midsummer Nights Dream. Tickets are free and instead donations are made to go to a charity chosen by the year 6 children. Dylan put LLTGL forward and it was voted in by his peers.

Parents and other audience members donated money after the performances which resulted in a fantastic £247 being raised!

A huge achievement and effort by a young but inspirational person. We are hugely grateful to Dylan and to everyone at Mytham Primary School who voted for us and supported us, thank you!


Holly said...

Here Here! Well done Dylan and everyone at Mytham Primary! Great work! x

Dylan Walker said...

thanks every one this is dylan the only reason I did this nwas because of ethan

loulou said...

Hey Dylan,
U are truly awesome and very brave to talk about someone so dear to you. Well done! xx

Emmie said...
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Emmie said...

Well done Dylan, we all think you are fantastic and I'm sure little Ethan would be so proud of his big cousin and what you have done. Three cheers for Dylan! xxx

Holly said...

Well done Dylan! You're ace! Ethan would be very proud. x