Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The secrets to a successful campaign!

We were so excited when an email popped into our inboxes about our North-West Advocate, Holly Shaw's star turn on the front cover of the National Council of Voluntary Organizations!

As many of our supporters will know, Holly has been a massive champion of ours over the last year and has made an incredible contribution of her own (through her Battlefront campaign) that chimes with LLTGL's mission as a charity- namely, getting people to think and talk about organ donation and transplants so more people can have the chance to experience the "gift of life"

The article highlights how Holly managed to make her Battlefront campaign work successfully through the amazing powers of social networking, in particular, through Bebo, Twitter and Facebook. Continuing her sterling work, Holly has been out and about this week in various schools talking about her experiences of organ donation as well as about some of the secrets to her successful campaign that you can read about by going over to Holly's blog .

If you're feeling inspired, and want to get involved with giving talks, promoting organ donation some more or you have a really great idea that you reckon will get people thinking and talking about organ donation, please get in touch! We're also over on Twitter and other places, so come join our party!

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