Thursday, 30 July 2009

Lou's fabulously original fundraising ideas!

The lovely, lovely Louise Lawrence, one of our South East Advocates, has been a busy-bee lately with various LLTGL-related adventures!
Almost a year ago, Lou was lucky enough to receive a life-saving lung transplant at the tender age of 28 after a long battle with childhood cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. Louise is passionate about saving more lives through transplantation and continues to be a champion for organ donation particularly amongst the Afro-Caribbean community, where the lack of donors is grave.
Lately, Lou has been doing some fundraising for us in her own unique ways! These include:
  • A fabulous swap party! Everyone brought 3 good quality items and swapped for 3 'new' items to take home, including DVDs, shoes, CDs, bags, belts, tops, books and dresses! There was a £3 entry free where £2 of it went to the charity. Lou reckons it was a really great way to raise money, in return for hours of fun! Although Lou had invited a few friends to trial out as it was my first ever swap party, she's planning a bigger and better one for November as it was so much fun! Next time she'll also charge for photographs taken on the day to raise even more funds! If you want to read more about it and see some pictures, head over to her blog
  • Lou also sold her gorgeous handmade 'Inspired Chic Cards' (which you can buy in her Etsy shop!) and generously donated her profits to us! All of her cards have a UKT sticker promoting the organ donation line on the card sleeve, which we approve of, of course!
  • Finally Lou is holding a sponsored tree hug on Sunday 6th September 2009 at Crystal Palace Park, London, where she is being sponsored to hold on to a tree for an hour without letting go! For Lou this will be tough as she continues to this is tough as she has a few mobility problems post transplant, but she is willing to truly test out her new lungs with some friends for help!! All monies raised at this event will be split between LLTGL and CLIC Sargeant for Children's Cancer Care. If you'd like to show your support, head on over to her Justgiving page!
We're not sure where Lou gets her fabulously original fundraising ideas from, but we are totally beaming with happiness from the things she has been doing for us, and think her energy and enthusiasm totally rock! We are assured that her next ventures will involve ipods, funky clothes and watch this space!

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Kiz said...

iPods, funky clothes and dancing? Im SOO there !