Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Our Christmas campaign kicks off!

We had a wonderful start to our Christmas campaign this year featuring one of the life-stories on our website, Carol Beckett, in one of those staple magazines of doctors surgeries everywhere: Good Housekeeping!
[click the picture to read the scanned article]
A while ago our chairman Emma had a phonecall from a journalist looking for a story to feature in a Christmas special for Good Housekeeping and she offered her Carol Beckett's story (with her permission of course!).
Carol was told she needed a liver transplant after being diagnosed with a rare liver cancer in 2007. Due to the desperate shortage of donated organs and fearing that the cancer would spread, her heroic brother offered to be her living liver donor. This relatively pioneering technique means that a relative can donate part of their liver, which would grow back to its original size within a matter of months as would the liver the recipient received. After lots of tests, Carol recieved her piece of liver in January 2008.
Although they didn't get the Organ Donor Register details in there, they did provide a link to our lovely lovely new website, where we now have a UK transplant sign-up link on every page!!

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Sarah Milne said...

I wrote a piece for the campaign but I am so happy to say it is now out of date!! I will be happy to update it when we have reached the end of the first part of our transplant journey.
This piece is great and I can't wait to read more.