Sunday, 14 December 2008

Festive fun!

On Sunday 7th December Live Life Then Give Life took part in their very first charity fun run event in Greenwich Park, London, where nearly 1000 people gathered and donned festive Santa suits to run, walk, stumble or dance their way around 5k of the capital’s finest park land.

Team Live Life [above] included one Trustee (our Oli), two advocates (our wonderful Audrey and Nelly), plus top supporters Helen, Sarah and Tom, not to mention the entire team of physios from the Royal Brompton Hospital lead by Lizzie Flude:
It wasn’t only the guys who were their “officially” either – we were cheered along by a large contingent of Nelly’s family and Helen’s boyfriend Brendan, all of whom ended up walking the course with us anyway.If you ask us, they were always planning to do it, but wanted to avoid looking like, as Oli so deftly put it, “a giant, red Smurf”.

The main point of the day, of course, was having fun and raising awareness of organ donation, which the physios did by attaching the name of our charity to the backs of their suits. Well, we say “backs”, what we really mean is “backsides” - at least it got people looking! As a cherry on the cake, the team have also managed to raise in excess of £1000 between them, which is fantastic.
There is still time to sponsor the LLTGL teams, so if you'd like to thank them for their heroic efforts (it was very, very, very, very cold!) and show your support for our cause you can donate either via the official Brompton Hospital physiotherapy team's page or the general LLTGL Santa Run page

Thanks for your continued support and giant big-warming hugs to all of the team and their supporters for getting out there and flying the flag.

Note to selves: must get flag for next year...


Emmie said...

YAYAYAYAY!!!! I'm loving these photos, they are so cool! THANKS SO MUCH to all our lovely Santa Runners, you are just brilliant! xxx

Anonymous said...

There's always one numpty that puts her number on the wrong way. Sorry!

Audrey :-)