Sunday, 7 December 2008

A Christmas treat for Bethany

The adorable Bethany Salmon, who is 5 years old and waiting for a liver, had an extra special Christmas treat this week when she was asked to switch on the Christmas lights in her home town of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

Bethany's parents, Sam Marston and Tony Salmon, where told that Bethany suffered from a rare liver disorder PFIC2 (Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis type II) shortly after she was born and that she would eventually need a liver transplant. After a 5-year emotional rollercoaster ride, Bethany was eventually listed for a transplant and joins the hundreds of other children and their families waiting on that special phone-call.

When Bethany was put on the transplant list, her mum Sam sent an email out to a few friends to let them know and one of them passed the message onto the Mayor of Dewsbury, who then asked the Salmon family if Bethany would like to switch the lights on. The Salmon's didn't make a big fuss at first in case Bethany's transplant call happened before the event, but as the day got closer Bethany was positively giddy by the time the day arrived! Bethany and her sister had a wonderful time switching on the lights, for they also got to meet Natalie Anderson from The Royal, the Dewsbury town crier, Santa as well as have a go on a couple of the rides.
The day was extra-special for Bethany as she was also presented with the 'Children of Courage' award before the event as testament to the amazing spirit and determination she has shown throughout the last emotional five years. Bethany's family are really proud of her too, and LLTGL are extremely grateful to the Salmon family for sharing their story with us.


Emmie said...

Awwwww YAY for Bethany! She really is one amazing little girl and I'm so happy to hear what a lovely treat she had. Bethany's family have supported LLTGL for such a long time and are one very special family indeed xxxx

Anonymous said...

What a star - and looking tres chic there too.

Hope Bethany gets her call soon,

Audrey xx

Gemma said...

aw wow I live next to Dewsbury In Ossett, wish I had known I would have gone! bless her, the little celebrity!