Monday, 29 September 2008

More TV-related happenings

We at LLTGL are amazingly lucky to have so many supporters tirelessly getting organ donation out there through various media. Our utterly fab advocate Jessica Wales (19), who is waiting for a double-lung transplant, is currently a Sky1 celebrity after being featured on Noel's HQ in a bid to raise awareness of the need for more people to register as organ donors.

The show provided moving viewing, as Jess and her Dad demonstrated the impact on people and their families waiting for that all-important transplant. Andi Peters also highlighted the impact of the shortage of donors from black and minority ethnic communities, something we believe needs serious attention.

Thanks to Jess, Andi Peters and all the other people involved in the day (including Liz McLarnon from Atomic Kitten!)
within 90 minutes 2000 people had clicked through to the NHS Organ Donor website. The show was so sucessful that the number of viewers ended up crashing the site and, sadly for us, the link to UK Transplant. Whilst we at LLTGL always prefer that TV shows, news broadcasts and articles give the direct website link to UK Transplant, we were pleased that the show got viewers thinking, talking and interested in organ donation -- something that we firmly believe needs to be done a lot more often.

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