Monday, 22 September 2008

Back to business

We're all still buzzing here at LLTGL after our win on Thursday, but be assured that we're not immediately about to sit back feeling chuffed with ourselves ... Rather, the award has motivated us to keep on keeping on, and make further inroads into that shortage of donors we keep banging on about.

The beautiful Lisa Muscutt, who finally received a double-lung transplant after an incredible 6 false alarms, has been out and about recently helping us spread the word some more. She represented us at the Harefield Fun day, using her incredible story to promote the organ donor register via a LLTGL stand. She managed to galvanize a couple of friends, dressed in the obligatory fancy dress, to hand out as many leaflets as humanly possible and sell some of our trolley-coins. She was also lucky to meet the great Magdi Yacoub, the surgeon responsible for saving thousands of lives through the Harefield transplant programme.

People are always really interested in the organ donor register as it touches so many lives, from the tragic stories of people waiting for their transplant, to those lives that donation has transformed, and to the very special donors and their families. Having someone like Lisa tell their story helps remind people of the very human and personal side of organ donation, and it's amazing power.

Come and get involved

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Sarah Milne said...

Lisa you look amazing :-) I don't know you but saw you on the first 'Emily's angels' picnic in your chair and oxygen.

Count us in for helping spread the word. We are happy to help out at any event we can. Hopefully, we'll have our happy ending story before too too long but we are happy to join in whilst on the list.

loads of love to all

Sarah xx