Thursday, 11 September 2008

The Great British Duck Race!

Many thanks to all who sponsored a duck for us at the Great British Duck Race, held at Hampton Court Palace on the 31st August!

Duck Day was a huge success for all of the 44 registered charities involved in the event, with 165,000 ducks raced in total -- a World Record! Despite the rain, almost 3,000 people attended the day to cheer on their ducks.

For a small charity such as ourselves, you bought an impressive 101 ducks :)
From each of these sales, a minimum of £1 came to LLTGL and a few lovely people popped in a bit more for us. You lot also raised a further £202 for the three nominated charities -
WaterAid, The Down's Syndrome Association and NSPCC.

In case you are dying to know who the winner of the £10,000 booty is.....

Duck number: 60595
The Other winning duck numbers are:
196101; 69015; 203768; 214722; 189223; 235043; 198514; 203156; 68622; 94472; 44857; 189809; 189340; 209787; 205303; 48459; 204000; 173837; 72270; 50496; 80798; 68255; 209980; 62911; 57581; 75229; 198558; 173312; 229737; 189808

If you win a prize, please let us all know!

For pictures and more info on the day, keep your eye on the official site at:


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Toria said...

It was a great day Edward and I had lots of fun and though none of our ducks won we'd love to go next year if LLTGL take part again :o)

I'm loving this new blog, it's a fab idea. Well done on your award that is just awesome and very well deserved! xox