Saturday, 13 February 2010

Welcoming our new patient ambassadors!


Here at LLTGL we've always known that our biggest strength is the fact that so many people from the Transplant community get involved in what we do. When trying to educate people as to the importance of Organ Donation, there is nothing stronger than a real life story, and that is why we are so thrilled to welcome Rachael Wakefield (Rachy) and Victoria Tremlett (Tor) on board as Patient Ambassadors for LLTGL.

Tor and Rachy have a lot in common. Both are 22 years old, both very intelligent and very beautiful, and both waiting for a life-saving double lung transplant. With only 50% of those waiting for lungs receiving them in time, Tor and Rachy are faced with the terrible fact that statistically, one of them will die.

Both girls have already used their stories to raise awareness but have now decided to team up to become patient ambassadors for us and to open up the story of their wait, in the hope that it will motivate those who hear it to sign the Organ Donor Register.

The girls will be keeping a joint blog here but you can read their own personal blogs here (Tor's) and here (Rachy's).

We are indescribably grateful to both girls for agreeing to share their wait for transplant, in the hope of raising awareness and helping all those waiting for transplants in the UK.

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