Friday, 12 February 2010

Our utterly amazing Advocates: 3

London-based Advocate number 2....step forward Louise Lawrence!

Anyone who knows Lou would tell you straight away that she has the biggest heart on the planet. Lou cannot hear about something sad without wanting to do something about it! One of the many reasons we are so lucky to have her on the team.

Meeting bubbly and unassuming Lou you'd never guess the amount of medical drama she has gone through in her lifetime, including battling childhood cancer, end-stage lung disease, transplant and now heart failure and a rare complication of post-transplant cancer.

Lou speaking out about her transplant journey and her gratitude despite her complications.
Despite all of this, Lou is one of our hardest-working Advocates and her monthly reports are full of updates including things such as campaigning via twitter, designing and sending out her own stickers, supporting fellow patients, talking to staff at the London Chest Hospital about her work with LLTGL, and her rather infamous sponsored tree-hug - you can see the video here.
Read more about Lou's story on her biog page here. Lou - well done and thank you for devoting so much energy to LLTGL...your efforts make a huge difference.

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