Wednesday, 25 November 2009

We love our lovely Tor

Although we talk a lot about the sterling work that our official advocates do for us in promoting organ donation, raising money and generally being superstars, we also have a network of volunteers that sort out our websites, do research about organ donation, help us out with PR work and generally keep things ticking over

Our lovely Victoria Tremlett, who is one of our featured life-stories, does huge amounts for us even though she is currently struggling as she waits for a double-lung transplant. In particular, she keeps us on our toes and generally helps us organize some of the teeny-tiny bits and bobs that come with running a charity. She is also something of a media star, having appeared on BBC Breakfast news just before the Save Jess-tival to talk about organ donation (and managed to squeeze a heck of a lot into a small amount of time!).

This week, Tor was featured in The Saturday Guardian's 'Experience' section. An emotional, moving account of Tor's life as a cystic fibrosis patient, life on the transplant waiting list and her fears of not seeing Christmas, this article brought us to tears with the powerful message about why we will always continue to fight for organ donation

You can read more about Tor over on her blog, which chronicles her wait for a life-saving lung transplant. Please do pop over and say hello and give her a big hug from us


J said...

Yay for Superstar Tor! xx

Jesse said...

Great that you are raising awareness of organ donation. Do you know about the current NHS organ donation campaign? We thought you might be interested in 'Save the Tin Man' , designed to encourage people to sign up to the NHS Organ Donor Register. Hope you like it, and do pass it on to help get more people signed up to the register!