Thursday, 10 September 2009


What an exciting night last night was, and we are hugely proud to announce that last night, LLTGL walked away with Best New Charity 2009.

It was the Charity Times Awards 10th Anniversary and the evening was fantastic; we were genuinely surprised (and hugely thrilled) to win, and still can't quite believe that we're an award-winning charity 2 years running!

We've received such lovely messages of support and congratulations and we're really very touched by all the recognition.

They are small words but we have to say them again as there are no others: Thank you all, so very much.



Molly said...

Yay, well done LLTGL! :D

Moll x x

smudge said...

You guys are awesome!!

Liz xx

Anonymous said...

well done LLGL fab news :D

such an inspiration to so many...take care

Elaine Rach &f amily xx