Sunday, 20 September 2009

Scared and frightened......

This is our South-East advocate Jess two weeks ago

This is Jess today
Jess is currently in hospital fighting for every breath. Her lungs are failing and so she is wearing a non-invasive ventilator to keep her going. We at LLTGL are very very scared that we are going to lose our beautiful friend all because not enough people are signed up to the Organ Donor Register.

Jess, and others like her who are also facing head-on the harsh and terrible realities of the lack of organ donors, can be saved.

Please talk about it with your family
Please tell all your friends
Please tweet, facebook, myspace, bebo- anything you can to get people talking about, thinking about and acting on organ donation.

Without a transplant soon, Jess will die. We don't want to lose such a wonderful girl and a special friend.



Michele Corston said...

I don't know Jess but I wish her all the best and I am keeping my fingers crossed she gets the call really soon. She is such a very brave girl hoping that mask she is wearing isn't to painful.


Best wishes

Debs said...

I came here via this blog and will now tweet about Jess.

Hugs and best wishes to her. Hoping a donor is found v soon.

brunettekoala said...

I don't know Jess either, but wish her every blessing. Keep fighting...there are lots of us (who don't even know you) that are behind you.

I've been tweeting about Jess, and about to blog too, urging others to sign up to the organ donor register and make their wishes for organ donation known to their next of kin.

Hoping and praying that Jess gets the call very, very soon.

Best wishes,

Laura Anne