Thursday, 16 April 2009

It's quackers how much you could help us raise...

Last year LLTGL entered the Great British Duck Race for the first time, hundreds of you thought this was a jolly good idea and purchased ducks to support us. OK so the possibility of winning £10,000 if your duck crosses the line first is probably a good motivator too!

The ducks are now up for grabs, and yet again we are a receiving Charity. The organisers are doing it slightly differently this year so to ensure that we receive the donation from your duck please click on this link:

You can buy a duck for just £3, one whole pound of which comes straight to LLTGL! Plus your duck is then a member of the world's biggest Duck race and should it cross the line first could win you a staggering £10,000!

Surely no better reason to purchase a rubber ducky or five...


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