Thursday, 9 April 2009

Exciting news and more exciting news!

What a week we've had!

First piece of exciting news: Gorgeous little Ethan Collins has received his transplant! It's very early days but so far so good. If you would like to leave a message for the family, you can do so here on his facebook group. The brave family who somewhere out there are suffering huge loss are in our thoughts, and we hope very much that they are somewhat comforted by the knowledge that they have just saved this little boy's life.

Second very exciting thing that has been happening: our star advocate Holly Shaw held her Donor Day on Tuesday 7th April.

It was a phenomenal success, gaining celebrity support, attracting National Media attention, TV, radio and newspaper interviews, and even resulting in a phonecall from number 10 to offer congratulations and a statement of support! That day, the number of online sign ups increased by a massive 15 times the norm. That's a phenomenal achievement!

We are hugely proud of Holly and her incredible work; this 21 year old lady started her campaign whilst she was still recovering from major surgery, and has invested huge amounts of time and energy into raising awareness to help others. Holly; we couldn't be prouder of you, congratulations on a hugely successful day and a great big well done!

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