Wednesday, 11 March 2009

This is why we love transplants

We are constantly amazed at what a huge difference transplants make in the lives of people waiting for that gift.

This is Oliver Crawley, a charming young lad with an amazing story. Oliver was born with very badly damaged kidneys and thus lived most of his first 8 years in hospital, with tube feeding, lots of medications, not being able to eat, slow growth, lack of energy and almost constant feelings of being sick.

Oliver finally received a life-transforming, sparkley new kidney from his lovely mum 4 years ago (naming it Brian!) and since has grown into a sports-mad athlete competing for medals at the British Transplant Games. He's taken part in a wide variety of games and has recieved several medals, including gold 2 years in a row for Table Tennis.

Oliver has undergone such a dramatic transformation that he was given the great honour of being chosen to represent the UK at the World Transplant Games in Australia in 2009 at the sprightly age of just 12 years old, the minimum age for selection. The Crawley family are attempting to raise money for their visit through Transplant Sport UK, including the cost of flights and training, so if you'd like to help (or read more about his story) please pop on over to his fundraising page at


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