Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Talking Talking Talking

Talking is what we love doing the most, and when it comes to talking about organ donation in particular, well we just can't stop!

Recently we have started an on-going campaign of talks, and we began to expand these into the Transplant Professional sector this week when our transplant-receiving Chairman and Vice-Chair, Oli and Emily, were invited to talk to a varied selection of professionals from all over the transplant community about their experiences.

After a truly humbling introduction, they spoke for half-an-hour about what life is like pre-transplant, the emotions you go through in the fight to regain strength post-transplant and the total elation and transformation that occurs in everyone who receives a successful transplant.

Speaking from their personal experience of transplants at Harefield Hospital, the pair spoke with feeling about how important the work of all the transplant community within the NHS is to the survival of people on the list. As well as being eternally grateful to both of their donors, Oli and Emily spoke of feeling a similar debt to the surgeons, doctors, nurses and all the staff at the transplant hospital for their ceaseless support, both physically and emotionally through the hardest journey either of them have faced.

We’re very much hoping that this kind of talk – explaining to medical professionals just how much of a difference their work makes and putting a human face to the positive results of all that they do – will become a mainstay of the work that we do. It’s not just about convincing people to sign the organ donor register, but helping professionals to realise that even when they’re having a bad day, everything they do serves to benefit the lives of countless people who rely on them to turn their lives around.

From everyone at LLTGL, we want to give a big shout out and massive vote of thanks to everyone who works so hard in the transplant community to make the gift of life a reality for so many people.

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